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Partner Yoga by Zubin Atre

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Our session is a fabulous way of connecting with your partner while toning your body, expanding the limits of your mind and keeping healthy! Your partner could be anyone - your parents, spouse, sibling, friends or anyone you meet at the session.

Zubin is one of the top yoga gurus in the city who runs Atre Yoga Studio. He distils 8,000 hours of yoga teaching experience into a precise science through Atré Yoga. His unique method comprises of 5 sets of asanas designed with variations that help students address their individual needs. His knowledge and application of anatomy and kinesthetics is one of the hallmarks of his yoga practice.

Register Now at www.fitmein.in/partneryoga
Call or WhatsApp 98189-98094 for more details
Gurgaon, Haryana, India
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