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Massage Bath tub A050

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Jacuzzi A050 Specifications?
Size: 157*157*66/cm
Volume: 2.0 CBM
Weight: 110 kgs
1. Massage (whirlpool or surf)
2. Air switch
3. Shower
4. GOLF waterfall
5. Dream pillow

Select Configuration:
Bubble system---250w wind pump, air switch and 10pcs of small jets
Control Panel A---chromatic bottom lamp, FM radio
Control Panel B---controller of the whirlpool (water level device included), chromatic bottom lamp
Control Panel C—controller of the whirlpool (water level device included), LCD digital display, chromatic bottom lamp, FM radio
Control Panel D---Ozone (O3), controller of the whirlpool (water level device included), LCD digital display, Chromatic bottom lamp, FM radio
1. material: Acrylic (5mm acrylic and ABS compound material with 3 layers glass fibre resin strength, stainless steel bracket.)
2. Jets: two types of materials--plastic or stainless steel.
3. Color: according to the requirements of customers .

1. 1.2HP specific water pump system is strong water power, at 355 litters/m peak the discharge of water, ultimate total headed 15 meters, more comfortable massage and lower noise.
2. Safety and durableare worthy of implicit belief.Protection switch, air-switch, much more safety, UL quality certification.
3. Humanization massage pillow make you for nicety and ease.
4. Waterfall input system is saver of time trait.
5. Three functions adjustable shower is your personal choice.
6. Standard temperature setting faucet is luxury, safety, comfortable and thermostatic(controllable 38 centigrade).
7. Bottom pool light controlled by digital panel and stereo radio can ease pressure and regulate emotions.
8. Towel bar and luxury commodity shelf are more convenient and practicable.
9. Air switch avoids dangerous of electricity so as to be high safety performance.

Quality Guarantee:
1.1% main spare parts freely with the items in the order before shipped
2.Tub body: 5 years(leakage/scratches and natural damage)
3.Water system:3 years
4.Elecric system:1 year
5. Metal parts: 3years
6. Massage water pump&heater: 5years