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Xbox 360 arcade (latest model) modded 2 month old + 20 to 25 cds !!!!!!!

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i am selling a xbox 360 arcade, it is in very good condition. it is some 2 months old or lesser than that. also i will be giving yu 25 cds. it is modded, so it can play any duplicate games. the price is 14500, the price is fixed because the original price of the xbox 360 is 17000. so then my xbox is 2 month old so i reduced it to 2500 rs lesser and the grand price is then rs 14500. i can tell yu the list of cds if yu are willing to buy it. all the game cds are in perfect condition and all the games are very good, it is all like very famous games. the xbox 360 is in perfect condition, it worked perfectly when the last time i checked. there are no scratches and i will give yu also a xbox 360 wireless controller, it is also working well and has no sctraches. if yu have any doubts or queries or if yu are willing to buy it, pls email me @ tharunprime@gmail.com or quickr me. i promise yu that the console along with the controller and the game cds wil be up to your expectations. thank yu and if yu want any photos, pls request me through email. i will send the pictures of the xbox 360 arcade to yu.