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Xbox 360, with all supplied accessories for urgeny sale serious buyers can call

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The Xbox 360 controller is the main controller of Xbox 360 developed by Microsoft. This controller was first released in the market in 2005 and is available as both wireless and wired gamepads. The Xbox 360 controller was introduced separately for Xbox 360 as the original Xbox controller was not compatible with the new version. The wired controller can easily be attached to a USB hub or any USB port on the Xbox console. The wireless controller, on the other hand, works with rechargeable batteries or AA batteries. There are several accessories for Xbox 360 controller, provided as a kit including Battery Pack, Quick Charger and, Play and Charge cable. The Battery Pack is a one of the best accessories for Xbox 360 and a gamers’ delight, providing up to 25 hours of uninterrupted gaming. It is made of nickel metal hydride and is highly recommended instead of the ‘use and throw’ AA batteries. Quick Charger allows you to charge up to two rechargeable batteries at a time, and comes as a dual-charger along with a rechargeable battery pack. On the other hand, Play and Charge kit recharges the controller even when the game is on, done by plugging the wireless controller to a USB port. It also enables you to play without a battery, using direct charging, but, this method is not recommended due to safety hazards involved in case the battery compartment remains open. The Play and Charge cable also enables automatic pairing of the host with the wireless controller. Wireless Gaming Receiver also forms part of the accessories for Xbox 360 and was released in the market by Microsoft in 2007. This allows a gamer to use all the accessories for Xbox 360 on a Windows PC as well. It enables Xbox 360 users to easily attach accessories such as racing wheels, headset and gamepads to their Windows PC. Similar to Xbox 360, one can attach upto 4 headsets and controllers at the same time. This device has a 2 meter long USB cable and has a range of up to 10 meters. Though it comes with a Games for Windows symbol on it, it works well with all types of games that support a PC gamepad. The next in line of accessories for Xbox 360 is the messenger kit, which includes a mini keyboard used for messaging via Xbox Live Windows Live Messenger. This was released in the market in 2007 an has a wired headset and Chatpad, but the two cannot be connected. Another snag is that the Chatpad is not currently available as an attachment for PC due to lack of installation drivers. The same may be released in future making it compatible with Windows PC as well. Though most of these accessories are compatible with PC, some still need to be worked on by Microsoft. With emerging demand of more fantastic accessories for Xbox 360, Microsoft is sure to release some fantastic ones in future, for the ultimate gaming experience.