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CFP Self Study In Hyderabad

Rs 45,000.00
To All Financial Planners / Advisors, CFP practitioners & CFP Aspirants / Finance Professionals
Construct "Retirement" Plan for Mr. Akash
1st 3 participants who mail their correct solution with process will receive a beautiful gift " CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER" mark embossed Roller Pen
Pls mail your solution till 2nd Oct. 16 to below mail id
Case Study:
Mr. Akash wants to know Fortnightly sip required in an existing equity MF (Expeted Return 12% pa) for fifteen years to maintain same life style during post retirement years. You have suggested transferring corpus in the NEW Fund and continuing Fortnightly SIP in NEW Fund (expected return 2% conservative over equity return) for another 7 years. You have further advised to transfer entire corpus from new fund to a debt fund and continue Fortnightly SIP in the Debt fund till retirement.
He is expected to receive EPF/Gratuity fund Rs. 50 lakh (Then Value) at time of retirement. You also advised to increase SIP 8 % pa in 1st 15 years and remaining period 10 % pa as per his expected income growth?
Notes: Mr. Akash Aged 37, Mrs. Akash Age 39, Retirement Age 63, Life Expectancy of Mr. Akash = 85, Mrs. Akash = 90, His Monthly Household Expenses is Rs. 50,000/-, Expected inflation in pre retirement period 7.5% pa and expected to moderate by 1% every 10 year till retirement. Average inflation in Post Retirement period 5% pa, Post retirement corpus will be invested in 70% Debt fund (Expected Return 8%) and 30% in Equity Fund (R =12%), Existing Equity MF current Value Rs. 2,53,987)
Be a Future Ready…Be a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with India's Best Expert Coach Mr. Keyur Shah by March 2017.
Double your Client Acquisition, Client Advisory and Client Retention Skills…Minimum 100% return pa on Investment subject to implementation of learning.
Classroom: Last 1 Seat left
75th Batch 15 Weekends- Oct to Jan17 Every Sunday- 4pm to 9 pm- 75 hrs training- Starting 16th Oct 2016 @ Kandivali W...Last 1 seat left..FEE 45k..pay in 3 EMI of 15k
Last 1 Seat Left in October 16 Batch of CFP Video Learning KitIn last 3 years, 81 participants have already successfully completed their CFP certification in Regular pathway or Challenge Pathway with good grades @ 1st attempt.
Regular / Challenge pathway Aspirant: Rs. 39k..pay in 3 monthly instalments of 13k
Pls visit our website to Read /Speak 263 Success stories before joining with me and post feel free to call.
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KEYUR SHAH, CFP^CM (A Grade), BE, MBA,India's Best Expert Coach (Fast Track CFP)-The CFP Aspirant Club INDIA, Mumbai.
FPSB India CERTIFIED Trainer & Resource Person Education Partner
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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
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