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Master in Leadership Sciences

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National School of Leadership is India’s top ranked Leadership School and the first of its kind in imparting Higher Education in Leadership. National School of Leadership is an academic institution of global standards which is completely focused on Leadership Sciences – with the objective of moulding Real Leaders, into building a natural drive to understand a business down to the very nuts and bolts, and to think outside the box. At NSL, leadership is not treated, only as a quality you inherit from your forefathers, but a state of being which you inculcate within yourself by choice. At all times, the emphasis is on personal reflection and the application of theory to practice. NSL is known to produce a new generation of global leaders unwavering in their commitment towards making deep connections in every aspect in their careers, which could ideally propel them to the ultimate – and trusted – leadership positions.

The NSL Consortium for Global Leaders (CGL) includes some of the largest organizations in the world who design NSL course curriculum based on their requirements, mentor and hire students and benefit from trainings imparted by Mentors at the National School of Leadership with the common mission to transform their organizations, society and countries to leaders of the future.

NSL students study through blended learning, a cognitive neuro-scientific technique that include a wide range of modes including virtual classrooms, leadership conferences, an exhaustive 5 day campus program at the NSL Campus at Mussourie apart from learning from each other where lecture is only part of the process of learning. Even busy working professionals can take up courses. At NSL, students will be pushed to watch movies, ask questions – lots of them – by mentors and classmates. “Why do you think that is so?” “How does that affect a leadership decision?” “What makes a good leader?” “What are your alternatives?” Fearless and freewheeling debate will give you the confidence to excel in any situation, anywhere, with anyone.
A curriculum you can use now, NSL mentors bring their real-world experience as consultants, expert witnesses, board members or even CEOs to the classroom. You'll learn how to assess risk, approach clients, think more strategically and make better decisions along a range of outcomes – the tools you need today and in the future.

The National School of Leadership Mountain Campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. The campus is located at 10 Kms from the Hill town of Mussoorie, Uttaranchal, India, at an altitude of 4500 ft. in picturesque surroundings of the Himalayas, overlooking cascading waterfalls of Kempty; this campus is thematically built based on Himalayan Culture and Heritage. Spread across 15 acres this campus has a magnificent training area of over 200 acres with snow covered mountains, streams, water falls, flora and fauna that bestows a lifetime experience of unlearning and learning for the students of NSL.

The following programs/degrees are in full accreditation and in affiliation with West Coast University, Panama, Central America under Parliamentary Charter that bears full validity and recognition with all member governments and nations under international law statutes recognized by the Vienna Convention of April 18th, 1961, (1963). The blended learning approach is adopted for these programs / degrees which make them feasible for working professionals and students pursuing other courses.






*Master of Leadership Sciences

2 Years

Bachelors Degree Diploma or equivalent,
**Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT)


Executive Master of Leadership Sciences

1 Year

Bachelors Degree Diploma or equivalent,
**Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT)
Work experience of at least 2 years


PhD – Leadership (External, Research based)

Minimum 1 year, Maximum 5 years

Masters Degree Diploma or equivalent,
**Research Aptitude Test (RAT)/NET/SET
& **Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT)

MLS Dual

*Master of Leadership Sciences + Master of Business Administration

2 Years

Bachelors Degree
Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT)

PHD Dual

Doctor of Leadership Sciences + PhD in Management

Minimum 2 years, Maximum 5 years

Masters Degree (Regular), **Research Aptitude Test (RAT)/NET/SET,
**Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT)

* All students having successfully earned all credits of 3rd Semester of Master of Leadership Sciences are offered placement in organizations under the NSL Consortium for Global Leaders (CGL). They pursue their final semester while they work in one of the CGL organizations.
** Leadership Aptitude Test (LAT) and Research Aptitude Test (RAT) are conducted by the National School of Leadership.






Diploma in Leadership Sciences

6 months



Advanced Diploma in Leadership Sciences

1 Year






Certified Leadership Trainer


Certified Leadership Strategist


Certified Sales Strategist


Certified Communications Leader


Certified School Trainer


Program for School Children (between 8 years and 17 years of age)




Lead by Choice

Program for School Teachers




Leadership Development Program


Child Psychology Program


Certified School Trainer

Corporate Programs
For the list of Corporate Programs, please visit www.nsl.ac.in.


NSL has massive industry recognition of its courses through the CGL. All degree courses are internationally recognized and accredited by West Coast University, Panama, Central America under Parliamentary Charter that bears full validity and recognition with all member governments and nations under international law statutes recognized by the Vienna Convention of April 18th, 1961, (1963). The Dual Degrees are offered in collaboration with NIMS University, Rajasthan, which is fully empowered and incorporated as a regular and full-fledged University vide NIMS UNIVERSITY ACT, 2008 duly recognized by Government of India under the provisions of Section 2f and Section 22 of UGC Act, 1956.
The National School of Leadership has been conformed membership of the United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) under its India charter CUCAI. NSL is also a member of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as per an approval of NSL’s application to Ban-ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.


With access to an array of students from across the world with varied profiles – from students pursuing other academics and working professionals to CEOs of multinational organizations – you broaden your horizons on a common platform.


Lead India is a national initiative directed towards empowering folks from Rural India (REAL INDIA) with the Leadership Skills that can change lives and help in upliftment of society and standards of living.
Through short-term leadership training camps and workshops in remote villages in India, some of the greatest Leadership Gurus and Students at National School of Leadership join hands in imparting life changing leadership skills.


India Operations Head Office:
National School of Leadership
NSL House, J – 19, Culture Crest,
Spine Road, Pune 412105 INDIA
Phone: +91 20 66125001 (multiple lines)
Email: info@nsl.ac.in
Timings: 1000 – 1400 Hours (Mon – Fri)
Coordinator: Manish
Mobile no.:+91 9491875199
Email: pallatharya@yahoo.com