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ADORABLE PET CARE DOG BOARDING, TRAINING, SALES & PURCHASE, FOOD & ACCESSORIES ALSO AVAILABLE. 1) DOG TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED AT YOUR HOME FOR YOUR LOVING DOG AT REASONABLE RATE. EXPERTS HAVING OVER 15 YEARS OF DOG TRAINING EXPERIENCE IN FILMS & POLICE SECURITY 2) DOG BOARDING / LODGING FACILITY 3) CORSSING (STUD) SERVICES 4) HANDLING FOR FEROCIOUS & NAUGHTY DOGS 5) SPECIAL TRAINING FOR DOG SHOWS, DOG BEHAVIOURIST 6) A TO Z KENNEL MANAGEMENT 7) SALES & PURCHASE OF ALL IMPORTED HIGH QUALITY, PURE BREEDS of Dogs & Cats, FOOD & ACCESSORIES ALSO AVAILABLE. New Delhi and NCR only pls email on dog.cats1970@gmail.com or call 0091-9899706569 Adorable Pet Boarding Also Available Cats Persian Himaliyan Tortoise cat Indian Cats * SMALL & TOY BREED o Basset Hound o Toy/Culture Pom o Beagle o Bull dog (French/English) o Bull Terrier o Chihuahua o Cocker Spaniel (American/English) o Dachshund o Jack Russel Terrier o Lhasa Epso o Miniature Pinscher o Pekingese o Pitt Bull Terrier o Pug o Shih Tzu o Tibetan Spaniel o Yorkshire Terrier * MEDIUM BREED o Australian Shepherd o Boxer o Chow Chow o Dalmatian o Dobermann o German Shepherd o Golden Retriever o Grey Hound o Irish Setter o Labrador Retriever (Golden/Black/Chocolate Brown) o Rottweiler o Rough Collie o Siberian Husky * LARGE BREED o English Mastiff o Bull Mastiff o French Mastiff o Neapolitan Mastiff o Great Dane o St. Bernard HOME DELIVERY SERVICE** CONTACT 9899706569 ADDRESS: BACK SIDE/E-3 GURU NANAK ROAD ADARSH NAGAR DELHI -110033 CONTACT 9899706569