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46" led tv screen protector

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TV-GUARDâ„¢ prevents damage,Scratches,fingerprints.
Maintains the sharp and vivid picture quality of your HighDef TV.
Heavy Duty. Extremely strong made from nearly undestroyable optical-grade. 15 times stronger than glass.
Easy to install, ready to attach to your flat-screen TV.
Ideal for Families with Children and owners.
Extensively tested; will deflect any thrown remote control or a toy.
Designed to stay unnoticeable keeps the gorgeous look of your TV.

Reduces UV radiation from your TV.
Protects your TV on a stand or mounted on the wall of ceiling.
The crystal clear TV-Protector transmits over 98% of the light allowing for vibrant display of colors of any High Definition picture.
Stop warring and start enjoying

TV-GUARDâ„¢ is a crystal clear shield that attaches to a flat-screen TV and protects the fragile screen.

The Best on the Market:
Stylish Design: maintain the gorgeous look of a contemporary flat screen TV.
Highest Quality.
Functionality: easy installation and cleaning.
Enhanced screen ventilation.
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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
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