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solar backpacks

Rs 5,150.00
Solastica Solar BackpackDescription

The Solastica Solar Backpack has a light-weight, CIGS, thin-film flexible module integrated into the backpack. This single module is then connected to a battery pack or straight to a mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player, etc. While the user travels on a two wheeler or walks during the day, this single module will charge these devices.

Key Features

* Robust Integration of flexible, lightweight Solar CIGS Panel

* USB charging take-off point

* Ideal for charging mobiles, iPods, MP3 players, FM Radios, bluetooth devices, etc.

* Extend mobile battery charge time or add more talk time

* Separate battery pack available via Solastica Personal Power Pack or Solastica Tögglite

Key Specifications

* The weight of our Solar PV charging solution is approximately 120 grams, unnoticeable to the wearer

* Charging time between 3 to 4 hours for standard mobile devices

* Ideal for charging mobile devices with 5V DC input

Key Benefits

* Sunrise to sunset charging capability

* Green Energy source on the go

malappuram, Kerala, India
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