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Magic Love Bath To Attract Love 27739506552 Dr Anna Stephan

Rs 100.00
Today we will see some bathrooms of herbs, honey, salts and other household ingredients that you can use to renew your energy. These baths for love help you clean any residue that has left a situation, like the breakup with an ex, a family problem or any other circumstance that will not allow you to move forward. I recommend making this type of bath before beginning a new tie work, to have a good start free of all negativity.I recommend this bathroom for when you go to start a new spell, and also for when you go out of your House at night. Do it often and you will become a goddess of love!Ingredients: oranges, fresh mint leaves.contact - Dr Anna StephanTel- 27739506552Email- info@bestmagik.comWebsite.. http://www.bestmagik.com/