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chinese foreign language

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Career-Crafters opens Fourth Branch in Andheri Shortly

Academy for Chinese Language(Career-Crafters) Vashi.

The only Affiliated Institute In Navi Mumbai

The only institute in entire Navi -Mumbai to train more than 1000 plus students for Chinese Language Only .

The trainer name Satya /Shalom are associated with the Chinese Training for last 12 years and have done their Bachelors and Masters in Chinese languages

Over many institutes have started running their foreign languages for Chinese Courses on our models and based on our course content. It's indeed a great feeling to have our organisation being duplicated so much. Don't make the mistake of joining a carbon copy with under-educated trainers at the helm, join our course which has been formulated and conducted by certified professionals (and that has students who give excellent feedback).

We have students coming from L & T Infotech,SAIL ,Reliance Communications,PCS,Hexaware,TCS, Kingfisher Airlines,AIR-India,Wipro,IOC, BPCL,MBT,RIL,MASTEK,MPHASIS,CMS,E-SERVE,Godrej,Patni , i-GATE,Air-india,Frankfinn, etc

Many languages and dialects co-exist in China; however the most popular form to learn is Mandarin Chinese, which is the official language of the people’s republic of China.Mandarin, or Beifanghua (literally "Northern Dialect"), or Guanhua (literally "official speech") is a category of related Chinese dialects spoken across most of northern and southwestern China. When taken as a separate language, as is often done in academic literature, the Mandarin dialects of the Chinese language has more speakers than any other language.

China is a vast country that takes time and patience to discover, it is estimated that it would take almost a lifetime to discover this uniquely captivating country. Why not learn the diverse Chinese language while becoming engrossed in the captivating Chinese culture, creative characters of Chinese literature and most importantly surround yourself with the most amicable people, possibly in the world? Quiz any traveller or Chinese language learner that has experienced China, they will praise the Chinese people for their courteous, good-natured manners. Travelling in China and practicing you Chinese language skills will broaden your mind while captivating your heart, the poverty of country can be depressing, however with your wide eyes and clear mind you will appreciate how fortunate you are to experience this compelling country and learn the Chinese language.

Prepare yourself for a culture shock, China is a densely populated country, with a dark communist history lurking in its past. The majestic landscape of China combined with its wonderful culture and history is an exciting adventure to undertake while learning the Chinese language. Visit Xi’an the heart of China’s history, close your eyes at Emperor Qinshihuang’s Terracotta Warriors, listen attentively, and you will hear the men preparing themselves for battle – spine tingling. Stroll trough the Beijing metropolis in awe at the contrast of modern and ancient. Of course, Tiananmen Square at the entrance of the Forbidden City, (the imperial palace during the Mung and Qing dynasties) is an essential experience to the Chinese language learner. Track the Silk Road by camel, which was a major trade route in the past joining East and West, and practice your Chinese language skills while doing so.

Why learn Chinese in China?

 Every fifth person in the world is Chinese.

 China is the third largest country in the world.

 With the increasing global and economic importance of China, it is important to understand the Chinese language in order to gain access to information available only in Chinese, to increase the level of understanding and gain a deeper knowledge of China.

 With the increasing number of Chinese tourists in Europe, it is important to know more about their background and their culture, these goals can be achieved by spending some time in China and learning the language.

 In the job market it will become more and more of an asset to be able to speak and understand Chinese.

Level 1
The Chinese Language course Level 1 is meant for beginners who have no background of the language. The course will be taught by Subject Experts using prescribed texts in a direct and interactive method.

The syllabus has been designed to promote interactivity in the student, which is the basic building block of learning a new language. The course will focus on all four skills of language learning - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We also offer advanced levels, Kindly contact us for more details.

Course Highlights

Intensive drills in Tones & Pronunciation Total words to be learnt – around 400 Chinese Character (script) writing – around 150 characters Internet terms, computer terms, business terms (basic) Knowing about Chinese culture, custom & traditions, manners & etiquettes Films on situational dialogues, Chinese culture, festivals, etc.


Basic familiarity with language Basic grammar & usage Stress on spoken skills & listening comprehension To acquire ability to carry on simple conversations in Chinese language (e.g. shopping, hotel booking, air booking, asking directions, at a restaurant, etc.) on the basis of learning the basic vocabulary of about 400 words. To master basic grammar structures & around 150 characters (pictographs) of Chinese script.

Career-Crafters( Academy for Chinese Language ),Vardhaman chambers,322/-, b wing ,Third floor ,near hdfc bank ,above axis bank ,vashi ,navi mumbai ,66099469,9320597489/ 41233096

Career-Crafters(Academy for Chinese Language) ,C-305,3rd floor,thakur niwas ,near tip top sweets ,opp thane railway station ,near ashok talkies ,thane west ,41239098,41233096,9320597489


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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