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Gurukula system cd’s ( veda cd’s)

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These are the Veda mantra CD’s, helps to the people who like to learn the mantras through gurukula system.

Here, 2 type of CD’s are there. 1> GURU-SHISHYA, 2> ACHARYA

In Guru-shishya CD - Guru once recites the mantra and shishya repeat the same mantra two times, Once we practice like this in the next 15-20 days we knows mantra but not continuous.

Then use Acharya CD - here, Guru chant the mantra continuously , that time we are also chat with guru , after some days we by heart the mantra.

And before chant the mantra continuous in Acharya CD –

DR||MATHOOR KRISHNAMURTHY explain the importance of each mantra.

Finally these CD’s help to the people to know the mantras, by heart the mantras, and know the meaning the mantra.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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