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Versatile Dance Teacher willing to give Dance Lessons & Choreograph...

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Have U Never Learnt Dancing before???????? But till have d Dream 2 Dance???????? R U Hesitating to Begin to Learn Dancing in Present age???????

Dont hesitate....All the above questions can get their answers below...


A versatile dance troupe, created & choreographed by a dedicated dance lover Susmit or Shubhankar Roy.. He is an well-knowned dancer, performing allover India, as well as a respected & beloved dance teacher.. He teaches Bharatnatyam, Rabindrik dance, Creative Dance, all Indian Folk dance as well as choreographs all types of songs using the pre-mentioned dance forms along with Bollywood, Contemporary, Salsa, etc WESTERN dance forms..

So,,,,What r u all waiting for??? SUSMIT'S CREATIONZ is offering u a compact dance learning package.. Come n Join today or Organise dance classes at ur place...Susmit is ready 2 share his dance-knowledge to the dance curios or dance lovers...No age bar, No experince bar.. Freshers or Trained all are MOST WELCOME...

Contact- 919883646663


Email:- shubh.susmit@gmail.com