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BIONIX turbo - Electronic Car Ionic Air Purifier

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Destroys Smell, Bacteria & Fine Allergic Dust/Smoke in your car – breath healthy air

Do you think the unpleasant smell/odor & millions of harmful microscopic contaminants, fumes from the exhaust pipe and

smoke from cigarettes plagued in your vehicle make you sick?

Make sure your drive is comfortable and your breath is


Air inside Car is many times polluted than outside.

Serious medical problems like cold, cough, allergies, asthma, sinusitis, headache, eye/nose or throat irritation,

nausea, shortness of breath, difficulty in concentrating, fatigue, sensitivity to smell, depression etc…

have been associated with DUST,SMOKE,SMELL & BACTERIA.


When environment inside car, truck, van etc. is not healthy; one can feel fatigued and exhausted.

This is something not too good while driving as a lot many accidents actually happen when mind is not there and too tired to react quickly.

The quality of the air can make a big difference in quality of life; unfortunately not many realize it.

Poor air quality makes living place sick, they can have a significant impact on people’s lives,

especially infants and children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who have chronic illnesses.


The car dashboard, sofa, air freshener will emit Benzene, a cancer causing toxin (carcinogen).

In addition to causing cancer, it poisons your bones, causes anemia, and reduces white blood cells.

Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer and may also cause miscarriage.

That the air we breathe is not particularly healthy and can have serious effects on our respiratory tract and lungs and also on our skin.

Acceptable Benzene level indoors is 50 mg per sq. ft.

A car parked indoors with the windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene.

If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level.

The people inside the car will inevitably inhale an excess amount of the toxin.

Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver, and is difficult for your body to expel.


It is difficult to remove very strong unpleasant smell by deodorant, laying moth balls, lighting incense sticks, opening windows etc..

It is only a cover-up, may be just enough to make the situation bearable.

Unpleasant smell lingers, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it in concealed areas.

There seems to be no interesting approach to counter.

How to get rid of these indoor pollutants?

Induram Ionic Air Purifier is the only healthy solution.

BIONIXturbo – model - Car air purifiers can help you get rid of pollutants inside your vehicle.



INDURAM Air Purifier uses state of art ionic breeze technology to purify the air

· Eliminates bad smell from the source instead of masking them with fragrance

· Destroys harmful micro-organisms & fine dust particles in the air

It floods the interiors of the vehicle with negative ions.

The negative ions stick to pollutants, such as pollen, dust, cigarette smoke.

It is effective even against the fumes from the exhaust pipe.

Induram Air Purifiers for Pure Breathing - Pure air and environment means good health to you & your family.

You will actually appreciate a change in the environment.

BIONIXturbo - for vehicles, color available in Copper/Gold/Mustard Yellow

car * truck * tempo * ambulance * all 4 wheelers with 12V DC

Power-12 Volts DC*Power-5 Watt



Ions are electrically charged particles, either negative or positive.

We feel refreshed & healthy in environments like seashore, waterfalls, mountains and after rain or thunderstorm because of abundant negative ions.

We feel tired, sick & depressed in modern sealed environments with many types of electrical equipments around us generating

over abundance of positive ions. Most floating contaminants or pollutants and allergens are positively charged.

Induram Air Purifier activates air with negative charge, they circulate rapidly and sticks to positively charged air pollutants,

make pollutants heavy and fall, thus they clear smoke, fine dust particles, destroys harmful micro-organisms.


Reports that based on the 5000 plus scientific documents that have been published regarding negative ion studies;

all support the conclusion that an overdose of negative ions seems to be beneficial & overdose of positive ions is bad.

Negative ions are effective for - allergies, asthma, catarrh, hay fever, sinusitis, eczema, migraine, burns, emphysema, and even as a substitute for tranquilizers.

It is discovered that negative ions balance serotonin in the body; this explains why people tend to feel more alert, stable and energized.

(Fred Soyka, author of “The Ion Effect”, 1991)



Absolutely safe, virtually no side effects

Eco friendly, Compact and affordable

Solid state – no moving part

Totally maintenance free – No expensive filters to wash or replace

No messy plates or internal parts to scrub or clean

No noisy fan or motor to circulate air, no electrodes

Carries one year warranty



Can be connected to battery via key lock – Purifier switches ON when vehicle is ON