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The antique coins to sale

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My collections..1.George V king Emperor 1920,1927,1930,1936 One quarter Anna2.George V king Emperor 1918 Two Anna3.George V king Emperor 1928 Half paisa4.George VI king Emperor 1939-45 Lion coin5.George VI king Emperor 1939,1940,1941 One quarter Anna6.George VI king Emperor 1946 One Anna7. One paisa of 19438.Empress Victoria 1898 :- 1/12 Anna9.The antique coin of 1833 east india company Quarter Anna10.George VI king Emperor:-Half rupee Lion coin 194711.The rarest coin 1paisa 1950 Horse coin12. The rarest ramdarbaar coin(raam tanka 1600 AD)Want to sale any of them,intrested buyers please contact @9770307774 with fare value..e-mail:bethebadal@gmail.com